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We strive to elevate brands while fostering a ​spirit of unity and global betterment, ​dedicated to cultivating a supportive ​community that not only uplifts each other ​but also contributes to making the world a ​better place.

Celebrating success

Success Stories

In today’s digital age, success can be ​measured in a variety of ways. At CGB, we ​measure success by looking at our clients’ ​goals and how we have helped them to ​reach those goals. Our team of creatives not ​only manage our clients’ online presence, ​but also offer creative solutions to grow ​beyond where the client is to help them to ​get where they want to go. It’s your vision, ​we bring it to life!

Client victories

Massage & Welllness

Lansing, Michigan

Started with a reach of 400 when we first ​began working with them. Reached Q2 goals ​in by the end of January. Attributes successes ​to marketing and work done by CGB.

Blossom Creek Elderberry

Flowery Branch, GA

Doubled yearly revenue after ​working with CGB. Over the ​course of a year, increased ​engagement over 500%.

Re​ady, Set, Fun!

Atlanta, GA

Over a 3 month period, we were ​able to take their struggling page ​that had bottomed out and ​increase the reach to over 60k!


Itasca, IL

The business has been around since 1999, but ​their online presence was not a priority for them, ​causing a decrease in sales. Over a 6 month ​period, we took their reach from 400 to over 50k.

Our services

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We assist companies in creating and implementing ​the best possible strategies to reach their target ​audience and elevate their brand.

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Do you want more elaborate reels or commercials? ​We can produce quality brand videos catered ​towards YouTube, Instagram, FB, TikTok, or even ​television.

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Brand Development

Everything from re-branding your current brand to ​creating your brand. Includes logo design, name ​development, aesthetics, brand's voice, fonts, etc.

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Content Creation

Based on tiered packages. Includes posting, ​context, and custom basic graphic/video ​creation as needed.

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Using effective outreach and engagement ​strategies, our team works on growing your social ​media account organically.

Community Management

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Creating target demographics by using research. ​Creating targeted ad funnels, Create Advertising ​plan, Pay-Per-Click, and budget.


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